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How to network at a conference

Now I will first preface that I was recently an exhibitor not an attendee, but I believe most of these principles can be applied to both parties. Go outside. Not all networking takes place in a confined space like the session room or in the expo hall. Most attendees come from out of town and […]

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How to use Facebook Live to grow your business

A STEP BY STEP GUIDE On pace to hit 2 billion monthly active users this year, Facebook is the world’s largest social media network. But brands can’t rely solely on standard text, link and photo posts to stand out in users’ news feeds. With Facebook’s new algorithm, Facebook Live videos are placed higher in users’ news […]

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Brands, here’s how to get started on Snapchat

Every morning, I sift through all my favorite apps: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Chive, Snapchat, and back to Facebook one more time for good measure. Before I’m even fully awake, I immerse myself in the online world. I know I’m not alone in doing so, as many memes reassure me of this. So, it’s no […]

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It’s time to start paying interns

College credit doesn’t pay the rent, gas or food bills. I’m not saying all unpaid internships are bad, but I am saying they should be offering more incentives than course credit. As someone who’s had her fair share of unpaid internships, I learned plenty but at a cost. Luckily for me I have supportive parents […]

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Adulting as a dog mom

Spoiler Alert: Being an adult isn’t just about being able to have ice cream for dinner. I got my family dog, Buddy, when I was seven years old. We celebrated his 16th birthday in October. Yes, there was a dog cake with peanut butter and honey and party hats and he was treated like a […]

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