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Why You Should Use Influencer Marketing Right Now

A celebrity endorsement used to be the end-all be-all when it came to spokesperson promotion. Then entered social media. With news, images and videos at your fingertips, now anyone can be a spokesperson for a brand. And there are many ways to take advantage of those who may influence your business’s target audience. “94% of […]

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How to network at a conference

Now I will first preface that I was recently an exhibitor not an attendee, but I believe most of these principles can be applied to both parties. Go outside. Not all networking takes place in a confined space like the session room or in the expo hall. Most attendees come from out of town and […]

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Understanding Facebook’s New Page Template Feature

Have you received the email or red notification from Facebook letting you know that your Facebook Page template will be changing soon? Don’t panic. You still have a choice in how your page will look. If you don’t choose a template yourself, Facebook will automatically change it on August 23. Be sure to search around […]

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Best Ways to Organically Increase Facebook Likes

With more than two billion users Facebook offers a huge potential target audience for your business. And with more than 60 million active Facebook business pages on the network, there’s a lot of competition to break through. Pay to play options aren’t the only way anymore. Try some of our tactics and begin to grow […]

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Ways to boost social media engagement

Scheduling out posts for weeks at a time will not produce the results your clients or own brand deserves. Here are some ways to increase social media engagement across all platforms. It’s all about timing. So you have great content, you have a good amount of followers – why is no one liking, commenting or […]

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