Meagan Hook

Reeling you in with what I can do for your company

“Want the best in the social media biz? Turn to Meagan. I’ve worked with her and never been so proud to have someone like her on our team. Not only can she seamlessly manage dozens and dozens of national and international clients’ social media accounts at once (to her, that’s the easy part). What’s unique to Meagan, is that she has a passion and curiosity for the ever-growing social digital space. Meagan possesses vast experience and somehow seems to “always knows what’s trending”… way before anyone else. She’s a champion to our clients’ business goals and helps them achieve amazing results. Meagan makes companies look like social media superheroes.”

Veronica Lytle
-Director of Creative Content, Coles Marketing

“Meagan is always one of the first people I turn to when I need assistance executing killer client social media strategies. She is always eager to help and provide insight that takes my efforts to a new level. Her ability to understand a client’s goals and find creative ways to achieve the results they’re looking for is top-notch.”

Megan Custodio
-VP & Partner, Dittoe Public Relations

“Meagan always exudes a positive “can do” attitude when it comes to getting great results for her clients. Very creative thinker and a tremendous asset to have on any team. She’s a consummate learner who always eager to share her knowledge with her colleagues as well.”

Lauren Sanders
-VP & Partner, Dittoe Public Relations

Meagan is a talented public relations professional and digital media expert. She is full of creative ideas to jumpstart any company’s communications efforts and clearly understands the importance of tying all strategies back to business goals. She is able to demonstrate the success of her efforts by calculating ROI on each and every client campaign.

Dittoe Public Relations was able to build out it’s social media and digital services for its clients due to her tenacity and knowledge of the subject. She was instrumental in revamping Dittoe PR’s social media channels, digital presence and blog content with impressive results. The processes she put in place will benefit the organization for years to come and the digital knowledge she shared with her colleagues will continue to make an impact.

Britny Kalule
-Senior Account Manager, Dittoe Public Relations

Meagan Hook worked for me as an intern here at the Heron Agency. My company is a full-service public relations, special events and advertising firm handling hospitality, entertainment and restaurant clients. As the president of a boutique firm I have the opportunity t o directly gage the work ethic, progress and development of our interns. Meagan has been an excellent addition to our staff and is dependable, professional, and hard working at all times. She is terrific.

Meagan’s work ethic along with her ability to communicate effectively has made her successful while dealing with clients in a variety of situations. She is always willing to tackle any task given to her and complete it to the best of her ability in a timely manner. Meagan’s warm personality makes her an excellent team player who was able to add valuable insight into projects assigned. Her responsibilities have included but are not limited to writing press releases, creating press kits, sending email blasts, writing radio spots and newspaper ads, utilizing online marketing tools, attending meetings, working press openings, and dealing directly with clients to achieve desired results. I believe that Meagan would be an ideal candidate for employment with any company.”

Noreen Heron
-President, Heron Agency

“Meagan visited WTHR as an intern for the month of February to help with Olympics content. Her training included posting stories on two separate content management systems, with a focus on the WorldNow CMS which supports

Meagan posted dozens of AP stories featuring Olympics results, and also made editorial decisions about which links to promote from WTHR’s website. She picked up the ins and outs of a new CMS very quickly and her rapid learning meant that WTHR stayed competitive on all digital platforms during the winter games.

Meagan also provided some unique content in the form of blog entries and articles, which she posted on and Meagan is a strong writer with a distinctive voice, and it was a pleasure for me to offer her stories on WTHR’s digital platforms. I appreciate the time and effort she put in to write these features. Meagan’s help is much-appreciated and her diligence will make her an asset to any newsroom, or any work setting she decides to pursue.”

Sara Galer
-Executive Producer of Digital Content, WTHR-TV (NBC Affiliate for Indianapolis)

“Thank you for all of your help. You have been amazing throughout our working together, which is why I was bragging to you to my husband who asked me if he could work with you too. I want you to know that you are doing a fantastic job and I love growing our working relationship together.”

Christine Lock Bachman
-President, PlanItPR

I Am, Social Media Savvy

Defining a company's goals is the first step to deciding what social media approach we should take to further them. I'm constantly staying up to date on the latest trends to expand organic reach as well as the best tactics to get the most out of paid campaigns as well. My creative side is showcased with the ideas I've implemented across channels, and it's mostly trial & error to see what approach garners the best results. I've worked with all social media networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.

I Am, an Event Planner

Coordinating a grand opening isn't as easy as grabbing some ribbon and over-sized scissors. It takes planning, strategic arranging and time. The key is keeping a list of to do's ahead of time so that there are no last minute surprises.

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I Am, Driven

I don't stop unless I have done my best. I never quit something I am working on, because I don't take any opportunity that is given to me for granted. My whole heart will be put in a project because I'm passionate about what I do.

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